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A Look at Lapel Pins

A Look at Lapel Pins

Have you ever wondered what fashionista was the first to popularize lapel pins? A lapel pin is a small pin worn – you guessed it – on the lapel of a jacket. There are tons of these kinds of pins, many of which have official significance, like pins with military significance that signify that the […]

Share a Custom Wedding Gift with Marbex

Unique Wedding Ornament

The coming of spring is a time for new life and new beginnings. Trees bud and grow new leaves, grasses begin to sprout again and the animals and birds that stormed through the winter begin another season in the sun. Of course, spring is also a popular time for another new beginning – marriage!   […]

Read More During Lent

Ascension Bookmark

Lent is a season of reflection and rededication, both for people who practice organized religion and for people who don’t. For people who are religious, Lent is a time to keep faith in mind and focus on the tenets and teachings of the Bible. For people who are not particularly religious, but like the sentiment […]

What to Get for Valentine’s Day

Man and Woman Reading

Valentine’s Day is about a week away and many couples across the country are scrambling for gifts and restaurant reservations. The pressure is on and there are anxious cupids flying through the air looking for the lonely. For some of us, this is a tough time of the year, when all of our insecurities come […]

Bookmarks Are Pieces of Art

Old Books

You might not realize it, but bookmarks have a long and storied history, for both collectors and book enthusiasts. For some people, bookmarks are an indispensable part of the reading experience, a tangible reminder that you are progressing in a story and learning something along the way. If there were only more bookmarks in our […]

2015 Was a Good Year for Women Writers

Woman Writer Working on a Book

The New Year is upon us and many of you are probably deciding on what resolutions you will pursue this year. In our last post, we talked about becoming a better reader and writer, which is a worthwhile pursuit, especially if you lean more toward the creative side of things. That said, what gifts did […]

Become a Better Reader and Writer in the New Year

Reading a Book

Christmas is finished, along with most of the holiday season. That is not to say that we are done with the good times. New Year’s Eve is still rearing its festive head. Before we get into that, we hope you got everything you wanted so far and that you spent the holidays surrounded by friends […]

Books and Bookmarks Make Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season

Christmas Gift

In previous posts, we have talked about why books make perfect gifts this time of the year, how they are tangible time machine that you can touch and transport yourself to any era, world, or dimension. A book reinvigorates the soul, lifting up your mood into the stratosphere and hopefully into something a little more […]

What Is #GivingTuesday?

Books on Desk

Whew, let’s take a breath, because the Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and with it, those consumeristic watermarks of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Did you make it out alive? That is if you even went out in the first place. Maybe you hunkered down on your couch and clicked away on […]

How to Bookmark Your Place in a Fast Moving World

Bookmarks Are Great Gifts

In the last couple of posts, we have discussed the importance of books around the holiday season, and why books (and bookmarks by extension) make great gifts. You might be thinking well of course they like talking about books; after all, they create custom-designed bookmarks that dazzle the eye and tickle the brain. You would […]